HELIGOLAND'S second album and first international release.

‘A street between us’

Alone Again. Records (day004cd)
Released March 2006

01 Nearly everything is new
02 Coming up for air
03 How to travel underwater
04 Look out ahead
05 Parachute fields
06 A street between us
07 Obelix
08 Hardly a day passes
09 Almost people
10 Red pocket
11 Border the shore

Ocean Music (OM12)
Released May 2006

01 Obelix
02 Parachute fields
03 Nearly everything is new
04 Look out ahead
05 Red pocket
06 How to travel underwater
07 A street between us
08 Almost people
09 Coming up for air
10 Hardly a day passes
11 Border the shore

Karen Vogt - vocals, guitar
Cameron Gellatly - guitar, drums
Steve Wheeler - bass
Bek Varcoe - drums, backing vocals

J.Walker - strings, keyboards, percussion, slide guitar
Adam Cole - vocals on “A street between us”

All songs by Heligoland
Recorded and mixed by J.Walker at Red 6
Produced by J.Walker and Heligoland
Mastered by Andy Stewart at Turtlerock Mastering, Sydney
Album packaging and artwork by Pascal Tremblay
Photography by Sonia Mangiapane

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Rock Revolution Records (FR)
Playground Music (SE/FI/DE/NO)
Dock-Land (ES)
COD&S Distribution (BE)
MGM Distribution (AUS)


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