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New EP 'Coriallo' out now

We're very pleased to announce that our new EP is now available. 'Coriallo' is the third in a series of EP's we've written and recorded in secluded locations around France, and was produced/mixed by Robin Guthrie.

The CD (Digipack) is available now from our Bandcamp page for 5 € + postage

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The EP is also available from digital platforms worldwide

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Listen online to songs from the album at our Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube pages.

More info, reviews and press for the album can be found here at our website and also our Facebook page.

‘Coriallo’ EP release

We’re really happy to announce that our new EP ‘Coriallo’ is now available. ‘Coriallo’ is the third in a series of EP’s that we’ve been recording at secluded locations around France and was produced/mixed by Robin Guthrie.

The physical CD (digipack) is available from our Bandcamp page and is priced at 5 euros + postage worldwide. A 17-page PDF with photos from the recording sessions and lyrics to all five songs is included as a free download with every purchase.

‘Coriallo’ is also available from the digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Our thanks to Damian O’Hara for the lovely artwork and a special thank you to Robin Guthrie for his all his work and for the beautiful mixes.

We hope you enjoy ‘Coriallo.’

In other news… we’ve just returned to Paris after spending a few days in the studio working on our next album. It won’t be ready for a while yet, but progress is being made. More news on that coming soon!

December 4th, 2017 | Posted by Karen

New EP available next week!

It’s been a while!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be releasing some new music very soon.

A new five-song EP ‘Coriallo’ will be available next week.

‘Coriallo’ is the third (and final?) in the series of EP’s that we’ve been recording at secluded locations around France. For this new EP we spent a week working at a former semaphore station in Normandy. It was unrelentingly windy, but the view was amazing!

‘Coriallo’ will be released on December 4 and will be available as a limited edition CD (digipack) and from all the usual digital providers.

I’ll be posting a short video and a song from the EP here in the next few days. We’re really looking forward to sharing these new songs with you.

We’ve also been working on a new album… more news on that soon!

November 27th, 2017 | Posted by Karen

Upcoming show in Paris

Heligoland’s next show will be on Saturday January 25 at L’Index in Paris.

Our friends She Owl will be travelling from Italy to join us for this concert. After a very busy year spent touring the US and Europe, as well as recording and releasing their debut album, this will be She Owl’s first ever performance in Paris. Their debut album is one of our favourite records of 2013 and we highly recommended dropping by She Owl’s Bandcamp page to have a listen.

In other news, we’ll be recording our next release very soon. Check back early in the new year for more news about the upcoming recording sessions.

December 17th, 2013 | Posted by Steve

Commission 45 Spring 2013 Sampler

Commission 45 Spring 2013 Sampler

The second annual free download sampler from our label Commission 45 is now available. Released to coincide with the arrival of the European spring, the new sampler includes “Always Another” from the ‘Sainte Anne‘ EP, a track from the forthcoming debut EP release by Australian instrumental duo Scattered Disc Objects, a new and exclusive track by Sealight and a track from the recently released second album by French electronic trio Inlandsis.

The sampler is available as a free download from the Commission 45 bandcamp page.

May 1st, 2013 | Posted by Steve

“Sleepless” live at l’Index

Here’s a video of “Sleepless” (the fourth track on our new EP ‘Sainte Anne’) from our at concert at l’Index in Paris last weekend. Thanks to Sandra Rossini for the video.

A review of the concert was published this week by dans le mur… de son! (FR).

February 1st, 2013 | Posted by Steve